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Complete home care agency b/h only 50% off now £499

Complete Home care agency documents, everything you need..
NOW Bank holiday promotion 50% off now 499 was 999 3 days only (offer ends 4/5/10)
Are you thinking of starting your own business? or have you set up a home care business and didn't realise how much paper work you legally need before you start!!
Tailormade has all the documents you need to start in this package. We will even design you a logo for your company free of charge.
All documents will be written in your company's name and you will have your companys logo put on them. With the funding decreased for residential homes, and more government funding is available for home care there is a need for more home care agency's as people are wanting to live in their own homes.
CQC registration documents (if providing domicillary care)
Home care Policy's and procedures (full folder)
Health and safety risk assessments and further templates
comprehensive service user guide
Staff handbook(manual) all 8 sections (full folder)
Staff induction workbook (60pages) and staff checklist for new starters
Job descriptions of home care staff
Contracts of employment for home care staff
Job application forms for home care staff
Time sheets for home care staff.
This business in a box is all you need to meet all regulations by CQC (care quality commission).
All you need to do is advertise for business!!
You will recieve your business in a box and all the documents on disc's so you can amend them as your business develops.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Induction workbook 20-60 page document depending on your company.
With this package you can have tailormade draw up these documents for you to use over and over again for each staff member. You can have them paper based ( where you will recieve 1 complete pack, for you to photo copy, as an when you need to) or the documents will be sent to you on disc in a microsoft word document. Please specify when brought.