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Vending machine electronic snack can & bottle vendor

Electronic Snack and Beverage Combination Vending machine Complete
With $1 & $5 Dollar Bill Acceptor and Coin Changer Installed
An All-In-One Service Station of Delicious Snacks and Refreshing Beverages both Can & Bottle!
* Flexible Merchandising-Vends a variety of healthy Snacks & 5 different sizes of Cans and Plastic bottled beverages!
* Industrial grade design for long lasting reliability!
* Illuminated product windows with Live Beverage Display!
* Slide out, tilting snack and candy shelves for fast, easy loading!
* Separate locking cash compartment provides maximum security!
* CFC free modular cooling system-environmentally safe & efficient!
* Stylish, compact two piece design, easy to transport, assemble and set up!
* Equipped with a Coinco Coin Mechanism, an ICT Bill Acceptor, and the latest software that makes it very reliable and very easy to operate.
* Coin Changer and 4-way bill acceptor provides purchasing flexibility and ease of use!
* Pricing: individual from $.05 to $99.99
* Beautiful black & gray powder coated finish!
* Easy empty feature on the coin mechanism.
* Fill it and Go operation allows the operator to refill the machine with snacks and drinks and not have to open the Electronic Control Panel / Cash Box area to do any system resets. Great for operators who employ people to refill their machines but don t want them to have access to the cash.
* Easy access to vending machine sales activity. When entering Service Mode , the first sub menu is SALES. Press ENTER and navigate through the SHOW TOTAL CASH, SHOW TOTAL SALES, and SHOW TOTAL VENDS. Keep track of your sales and profits!
Snack Capacity: 20-Selections-200 Total Snacks
A1-A5 holds 35 snacks (5 rows x 7 snacks)
B1-B5 holds 40 snacks (5 rows x 8 snacks)
C1-C9 holds 117 snacks (9 rows x 13 snacks)
Drink Capacity: 6 Selections- 177 Total Drinks
D1-D3 holds 46 (12 oz) Cans each
D4 holds 13 (16 oz) bottles or 15 (8.3 oz) cans
D5-D6 holds 11 (20 oz) bottles or 12 (16.9 oz) bottles or 11 (16 oz) cans each
Dimensions: 76" H x 31" W x 29" D

Vending machine electronic snack can & bottle vendor Vending machine electronic snack can & bottle vendor