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New finish finishing mower 5 ft 60" rear discharge

This is a Super!! Nice!!! 5 Ft. finishing mower at an unbelieveable price! This finishing mower has a 7 gauge deck! Most people don't know this, but on an average riding lawn mower the deck is right around 12 gauge steel. The lower the number on the gauge?...the thicker the steel. So this deck is almost twice as thick as your average lawn mower!
If you are in the market for a BRAND NEW! finishing mower!!!.. for your tractor at a super price!!...Here it is!!! Get it while you can!!...This is a 60" or 5 Ft Rear Discharge!!..which is much better than a side discharge mower. And this price is better than most used finish mower prices! I have one just like it & love it!
Only $749.50!! & this Brand New!! Mower can be yours!
* Turf friendly solid rubber tires
* Shielded PTO shaft with shear pin
* Easy height adjustment from 1" to 4-1/2"
* 3 cast iron blade spindles with ball bearings
* 1/8" side panels; totally open rear deck
* Category 1 free-floating flex hitch system
* 17,985 blade tip speed (FPM)
* 16"L x 2"W x 1/5" thick blades
* Approximately 60" cutting width
NOTE: If you need a TOMMY LIFT GATE add an additional $35.00

New finish finishing mower 5 ft 60