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New 24" 4 burner hot plate toastmaster TMDO2400

Toastmaster 24" Wide 4 Burner Commercial Gas Countertop Hotplate Model TMDO2400
This item is a brand new Toastmaster 24 four burner hot plate. Model TMDO2400 Great for Deli, schools, diners, concession stand, anyplace where cooking multiple short order items is a need. With 80,000 BTU's of cooking power, this hot plate can handle all of your high volume cooking needs. Whether it's stew, chili, soup, or a crawfish or shrimp boil, this hot plate can handle it. Toastmaster's countertop gas and electric hot plates are the most economical and flexible countertop hot plates in the food service industry. They offer unsurpassed performance, combining a proven control system with Toastmaster quality and durability.
This hotplate has a stainless steel front including top rail, with aluminized steel rear and sides. Gas units include full crumb tray for easy cleaning. The TMDO gas units contain 2 burners per 12". The TMDO24's have a total of 4 burners. Each burner is controlled by independent control of flame. One standing pilot services each burner. A " rear connection is standard. Each burner is rated for 26,000 BTU/hr for natural gas and 22,000 BTU/hr for propane gas.
2 adjustable burners per 12" cooking zone.
Removable heavy duty cast iron grates
Dimensions: 24-3/8"W x 26"L x 12"H
* 26,000BTU open cast iron burners
* Infinite front panel controls
* Quick and reliable pilot burner ignition
* Removable heavy duty cast iron grates - one per burner
* Stainless steel front with top plate rail
* AGA, CGA and NSF certified
* 18 month limited factory warranty
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